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WhiteSmoke Investor Site

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Generally speaking, NLP is a way for computers to analyze, understand, and derive meaning from human language in a smart and useful way. The development of NLP applications is challenging because computers traditionally require humans to “speak” to them in a programming language that is precise, unambiguous and highly. Human speech, however, is not always precise - it is often ambiguous and the linguistic structure can depend on many complex variables. Thus, apart from common word processor operations that treat text like a mere sequence of symbols, NLP considers also the hierarchical structure of language: several words make a phrase, several phrases make a sentence and, ultimately, sentences convey ideas.

In order to deal with structure, a number of subsequent procedures have to be implemented. Each procedure can be viewed as a black-box module which receives some input and produces a certain output. This is particularly true for our software. We create such modules and apply them to the user’s input (possibly wrong sentence), thus breaking down this complex grammar structure into smaller entities and operating on them separately. However, these modules are well connected and dependable: an output of one presents an input to another. Some of them propose corrections for the entities they deal with, others just “prepare the ground” for those that will follow. The final result of this chain of manipulations is a set of all possible corrections for a given sentence.

Overall, we combine the state-of-the-art NLP ideas and best practices to ensure the highest possible rate of precision (correcting what is wrong) and recall (finding everything that needs to be corrected).

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