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WhiteSmoke Investor Site

English Proofreading Software

Even though more than half of the world's Internet users aren't native English speakers, the vast majority of online content is written in the English language. Back in 2002, seeing these statistics, WhiteSmoke's founders identified the hardships non-native English speakers face online, in pursuing higher education and in the workplace due to lack of control over the English language, as well as hardships native English speakers face when trying to follow the seemingly inifinite amount of English grammar rules. The goal was to soften, if not break, language barriers.

After developing advanced grammar checking algorithms (which you can read more about in our NLP section) for a couple of years, our programmers and designers created our flagship product - the WhiteSmoke Writer. The Writer was built upon a few simple guiding principles - integration, simplicity and speed. The integration capabilities of the Writer are robust and allow the user to check his text from almost anywhere on his PC with a click of a button. The simplicity is evident in the user experience - the user can see what errors we found and how we think it's best to correct them in a very stright forward fashion, while still having tons of additional data about each error a couple of clicks away if he wants to learn more. The Writer is fast, since it's connected to our databases and servers which hold immense processing power, almost infinitely more than any household computer, and they allow us to deliver information about your text within seconds.

In 2016, we rebuilt the Writer from the ground up, making it faster than ever. We've also changed the interface in way that approves writing efficiency, and in 2017, we plan to add dozens of new and improved features to the Writer, to solidify it as the best English correction software on the market.

In 2010, seeing more and more companies shift towards providing services online against providing them in installed software; we've decided to create a web-based version of our product, simply named WhiteSmoke Web. Our web platform allows users to work on their writing from almost any available web browser, and offers all WhiteSmoke's staple features, like our grammar checker, translator and plagiarism checker. The web platform is a great solution for government branches and large corporations that prefer to give their workers access to services online as opposed to deploying software on thousands of computers.

In 2015, we released our mobile application, WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant, which is available on Android and iOS. The application allows to check texts for errors as well as translate them on the go. The app is available for free with the grammar checking capabilities and can be upgraded to include additional features.

Our team of linguists, developers and designers are constantly working on creating new solutions on emerging platforms and optimizing our grammar engine, striving to always provide the best products.

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to detect any error and improve
writing efficieny

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