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WhiteSmoke Investor Site

Video Advertising

Online video advertising is one of the most rapidly growing and evolving ad-tech fields. WhiteSmoke’s online video activity started in June 2016, after the acquisition of GMS Digital Ltd. video operations, an online marketing company specialized in the video advertising field. After the new team settled in, they became Omnivid - WhiteSmoke's video division.

Omnivid works with dozens of active clients and partners, leading advertising companies and premium DSP’s and SSP’s – the stock exchanges for video inventory. The operations team is constantly developing improved techniques, and focuses on increasing direct campaigns activity, in order to provide the best service to our clients.

The company’s competitive advantage is the advanced buying capabilities on the programmatic RTB (real-time bidding) platforms (DSP’s). The operations team manages various campaigns on leading advertising platforms, and is always on the hunt for additional premium desktop and mobile traffic. The team optimizes existing campaigns non-stop and creates new campaigns every day and partners with premium direct publishers and the largest companies within the industry.

The company offers video monetization solutions on both desktop and mobile devices. Beginning 2016 the company invested significant efforts on the technical and the business development side, and scaled the mobile video activity up substantially. The two main methods of activity are instream/pre-roll, and syndication, while other ad formats (such as in-read) are being tested constantly.

The company’s business plan for 2017 is to keep nurturing and scaling the already growing mobile activity - by enhancing the buying capabilities on mobile DSP’s, entering new markets, developing the native activity, and find additional premium direct publishers and advertisers to partner with.

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Search Monetization

Generating revenue by offering
our writing software for free, while
monetizing it with a search bar

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NLP Technology

Advanced algorithms designed
to detect any error and improve
writing efficieny

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Detcting and correcting errors,
improving efficiency and increasing
control of the English language

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